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I was at the dentist and I needed a lot of work done. I didn’t have the means to pay such a large bill so they helped me apply for Creditcare while I was in the chair.

My wife and I make good money and pay our bills on time but Creditcare was a different company. I fell behind and once you do your done! They charge 2x the average card companies do(I looked it up) and service charge you on top of it. They would not work with me so we settled on a lesser amount that I owed.

I’m now paying higher interest rates for my home and auto loans. Creditcare is the only bad mark on my credit and I’m still paying for using them.

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Care Credit through Synchrony / Why don't you change you;re name to Care Less, it suits you better. Anyone could fall behind on payments while dealing with Synchrony, but Synchrony refuses to work with customers.

To Synchrony, You should be embarrassed to lose you're Walmart accounts, because of greed on you're part But that's okay because we can all laugh at you when you start you're downhill spiral. So, you poor english speaking representaives should start looking for other work.

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