Columbia, Maryland
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If you have non-promotional balances (purchases under $200 I believe) in addition to promotional balances (deferred interest), the bank applies your payment so that non promotional purchases are not paid off in full as was your intent when sending in payment to cover all non promotional balances plus extra to pay down promotional balance. You have to call them each time you do this and it doesn’t always get accomplished per your phone call.

Then they can charge you interest on any balance remaining on non promotional balances.

Just think of the millions they make off consumers for this bad practice!

I cancelled this card. Not worth the time it takes to make sure they apply your payments to payoff non promotional balances with additional to cover promotional balance.

Their staff is totally incompetent and they are rude and ignorant.

One low level manager would ask me question and keep talking through my answer. She had certain words she was probably reading from company canned responses and couldn’t appropriately interact with consumer.



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