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My husband was in dire need of some teeth extractions due to cancer damage from multiple myeloma. He had his work done last winter. Couldn't afford it so I resorted to GE Care Credit. I had the assumation that we could pay if off in a lump some by the end of 18 months.

We made a few payments, however, when my husband was to get some medications for his other health issues were totalling up to $750 a month. We could not pay.

Care Credit collectors started calling about six or eight times a day to make me pay when I had no money. I had to treaten them that I would turn them into our state's attorney's office to get them off my back.

The absolute worse company I ever had to deal with. I guess if we need them for our pets or ourselves we will go without service and take the consequences for not having the money.

Monetary Loss: $8540.

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Is a great card--no finance charge at all but you have to make payments on time and more each month to pay total on time---the complaints are from people that don't pay on time and think there should be no penalty don't get it


I have Care Credit. If you can`t pay what do you expect the company to do just ignore the debt? Seriously?

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