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In late June I attempted to set up a future payment. It stated twice that the payment failed. I called two days later and verified that a payment was not pending. I was told if it said it failed, it failed and nothing was scheduled. So I did it again.

Today I discover they took TWO payments out. I called and explained. They told me that to "expedite" a refund I had to send them a copy of my bank statement proving the two payments were taken out of my account. They TOLD ME THEY SAW THEM, and yet they need my PRIVATE bank statement for the accounts to have a "paper trail". I don't think so. I was also told it would take up to 14 days to process. If I pay an hour late I get a $40 late fee but they can take TWO WEEKS to give me my money back?

I have paid every month for YEARS and I have paid substantially over the minimum payment due. My balance drops slowly because they don't contribute the over payment to the prinicipal unless I call them and I don't have time for that but this is insane.

I will call my bank and cancel the DOUBLE payment through them. And the MINUTE I get this card paid off I'm cancelling it.

I have recommended this card to many friends and until today I was happy with their customer service but the response I got to this was unbelievable. How dare you demand I give you my bank statement. Originally I was told that was to "expedite" the refund so I would get it in 4 days, when I asked to speak to a manager she told me they had to have the statement to do the refund AT ALL.

You know you have my money, you know it's almost 4 times what I owed (since my payments are almost double what the minimum is to begin with) and you flat refuse to give it back? I don't think so. I will report this everywhere I can.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

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