Phoenix, Arizona
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I had a balance of 1900.00 they make your monthly payment so low,that the balance is not paid by the promotional deadline.they were charging me a monthly interest then a 500.00 interest fee was added to payoff i just paid them 2422.32.i cut my card up.they are ripoff scammers. that was done to me twice.when i called them for the payoff,they said because promotion expired,thats the fee.i told them they cannot double charge on the interest.they said they can do what they want.told me oh well.thats their policies.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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that is exactly what they did to me and my husband. I also fault the dentist etc that use them. so deceptive

Salinas, California, United States #719356

Agreed. They are a joke of a company.

Looking for others to join me in a suit.

Need people with financial loss though. Email your story to

Yonkers, New York, United States #702271

It is not a scam. What part of 6, 12 or 18 month intrest free dont you understand? Very simple pay it off before the time is up and its intrest free, dont pay and its not.

to Babs #736032

Babs stick it. you probably work for them, they never told me that and neither did the dentist!!!

to Babs Jackson, Mississippi, United States #737227

Babs they do try to take advantage of consumers.. Once I received my first statement and called them about the payment amount, they said that payment was just a minimum payment but I can pay whatever I want..

This is confusing for an older person that looks at their bill and try to do the right thing.. Had I not called I would be complaining like all the others.

to Babs Reno, Nevada, United States #775410

Babs, to me that says 6,12,18 months no interest. Not that if it wasn't paid in those months then the interest would still be charged.

This needs to be explained to the younger clientele in more detail.

I think that if they had some English speaking customer service agents then it wouldn't be lost in translation also. The vet office that I used this card at did not explain this to me either.

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