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Care Credit dental plan is suppose to offer a person help in paying the denist bill, but they are just trying to get people into debt. The denist pads their bills so the client owes more than the service they give.

I informed the Denist and care credit that due to their unsavy operations I would no longer want their services. I had the Denist informed them too. The dispute went on for some time with care credit insisting I owe them. With a reasonable time I had informed them that I would find my own funds to support my dental care.

I had very good Dental insurance, did not realize that Denist charge more if you have insurance. Upon signing up for their credit the denist insisted that it was like a gap payment and would only cover cost my insurance would not cover. She charged my account $2,000 as soon as I submitted the application.

Care Credit told me that they paid her already the whole amount before she did any work. Care Credit forced me into debit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

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I'd just like to ask at what point does CareCredit think they are entitled to 26.99%APR? On a 5K 2300.00 balance, minimum payment due is listed as 80 bucks.

IF you make that payment, they keep 55 bucks, and send the rest to the balance. It never goes down.

I think this is USUARY, and should be illegal. I would never have signed if I knew how *** long this would have taken.


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