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I am the office manager at an animal hospital in North Carolina. We offer Carecredit as a form of payment for our clients.

To all of you Provider's out there, are you aware that you are being charged 13.5% for all trasnsactions that you finance for 18 months?!? How about 9.9% for all transactions financed for 12 months? When we enrolled with Carecredit, we were informed of a 5% charge for transactions, which is still high (more than 2x as high) in comparison to debit and credit cards. Wow.

I can not believe that GE gets away with this!

What a rip off for us AND our clients. Lord forbid that one of our clients make a payment late or not have their balance paid off by the end of the agreed time for it to be paid in full.

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Here is the problem I’ve had. Every time I call the customer service line the person I speak to can barely speak English. When asked if they can transfer me to America they tell me that no one is available.


dear "Provider"s "Point of view. What ever you are all alike when we contact u our blood pressure goes off the chart's brain takes a double hit because you don't make any rime or reason out of any thing you offer as help, just another big scam to cover the last scam.I wished all CEO"s Bank CEO"ng and get on with it, put your big boy pant's on and tell all the people out there that owe you a small bundle,compered to what you the bank's and other's got away with because WE I SAID WE the tax payer's baled u out.Just try that a gain and all of you banks's ect.

will see a BIG FAT NO NO NO or maybe we can make deal 50% pay back at 100% interest and then when u pay the 50% we will talk about the 200% due in late charges and other fees that will be charged for the rest of the 50% owed. How is that for fair service? Please contact or office any time and we will be willing to work a deal with you at your expense Any time :) Thank you and come back to here more way;s to get ------.

:) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x


I am so happy to see that a DR> that provided this rip off co. some true facts behind what is a rip off.

Not your fault DR. Just that the people that have ben ripped off could have known what was a bad deal could have ben in the right frame of mind when they singed up for the bad card. My dog was very sick and could not breath. I was so afraid he was dying that I would have done any thig to save him, I rushed him to the vet,forgot my glasses and was out of my mind with worry,my dogs are my kid's and I know he needed help, he was just one year old in human age,and full of life and love.

Now I know that the only person you can trust and who trust you is your dog,well I let him down I coulden;t save him and after 2,000 in charges for tests, and him staying at the vets for 2 day's nothing could be done but I tried to get him the help he needed, if I would have taken my glasses to read the fine print on the bank card I would have done something else. What a ripp off. I am a 70 years old and I know better. but my dog is all I could think about.

Now I cant pay off the debt and they are raising *** and they will go to *** to get there money.

Well I guess I will have no recall but to pay up and do with out my med's and cut back yet a meal or two just so that I can make the payments,pay back is *** when you all bail out the big banks and there is no one to bail you out. :upset :upset :x :p :?


GE Capital/Care Credit not only screws the consumer by being unwilling to work with their past due balances to bring them current but they also screw their providers? I will NEVER use them again.

EVER. That is ridiculous!!!


WOW!! Not only does their customer service STINK for consumers (canned responses to problems)...but they rip off their providers too??? AMAZING!!


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We strive to provide excellent service and support to our providers and cardholders. I apologize that you have not received such support and would like to research and resolve this matter.

Please email me at gecapitalcares@ge.com and provide your contact information so we can connect and work to resolve.

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