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First of all, allow me to state how many Dentist Office's are in ca-hoots with Care Credit A.K.A. G E Money Bank, the Dentist Office receptionist who already know how corrupt this company is,encourages prospective Patients, to apply for the card, because they plan on you using it, until you max it out, by keeping you coming every other week.They fail to say anything about the high interest rates, that should be considered criminal.

If you are a couple of days late on your payment,GE has abusive collectors from India, calling you every day.

In my case, I was only a couple of days late, a couple of times, and after seeing how abusive and corrupt this company was, I received a blessing,that allowed me to pay them off in full, very early on, Thank the Lord.

I called GE and told them that I was closing the account myself,by paying them off early. The customer Rep was nasty and arrogant, in his choice of words and his voice tone.

GE money Bank falsely reported to the Credit Bureau, that they (GE) had closed the account because of late payments,which is not true, when indeed they had been paid off early, in full, and it was me and not GE who closed the account.I submit that GE did that as a punitive measure, knowing that it would take an act of Congress to get it straightened out, because I was fortunate enough to get out from underneath the servitude of GE's oppression.

Several months after the fact, GE started sending me "Nice" letters trying to encourage me to use the card which I canceled, like none of it had ever happened.

To this day , I will go without, before I ever do any business with GE or buy their products, if I can help it.

Has anyone ever actually tried to call anyone from GE and tried to actually speak to a human being?

There is a reason for that.They would spend 24 hours a day being cussed out from people if it were available.

Apparently enough people shared my views about GE that they went under, and we, the tax payers, had to bail them out.

GE also does business with terrorist organizations.

Their top man should have went to prison instead of the White House.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

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Yup I filed bankruptcy in 2009 but my gemb care credit was paid off already and NOT included in my BK. After pulling credit reports a year later they reported it delinquent and included in my BK.

I have spoken to representatives and even wrote the gemb fcra dept and disputed to the credit reporting agencies.

And still they have not corrected it. I just don't know what to do now.

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