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I have seen multiple complaints on this site for Care Credit customers, I am a victim of their horrible customer service and issues. When I looked up their BBB rating they have an A and are accredited on the site.

This is one of many websites I have seen regarding negative reviews of their business practices. The BBB reports only 354 complaints but I have read over 430 on 2 sites today.

I encourage everyone to report them and file a complaint. This link lets you find the BBB complaint for your location.


Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

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*does not include...


They offered me through the bbb complaint a resolution of waving a couple of late charges but my problems continue. I owe less than 1200 with interest and min.

Payments it will take me 9 years to pay them.

But that does include the 40 dollar monthly penalties and other fees I'm assessed each month when I cannot pay on time due to their own website and customer service issues. They can't find the time or ability to allow me to pay online or over the phone on time...but a couple days late they call me so much I had to get an app to block them.


I'm curious to know if either of you have been able to resolve your situation with them. I was ripped off too and would like to take these guys on.


Care credit GE bank is a fraud, is a real scam, I owe them $1,300.00 and they charge $1,500.00 just interest rip off.

Do not use this bank any more devil's bank

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