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Care credit used an outrageous interest rate. My cat died anyway after the dogs attacked it, Ge money bank from paypal(credit card) never signed the letters they sent me after somebody ripped me off on paypal and the credit card was used in Spain.

They will not accept responsibility when they send me snail mail, Very strange, Lisa Care credit should never be used for frightening situations like when my animal was attacked. I am heartbroken. They called me every 5 minutes at VCM animal clinics, and would say, his kidney is clipped, it will be another three hundred dollars.

I am not going to express the rage I felt inside online. Care Credit means Murder credit to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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The reason Im late is when I do pay on time they just call and call and send me stuff to spend more money...Plus they call you on sunday DO NOT CALL ME ON SUNDAYS!!!! plus the last rep I talked to I did'nt belive he was from a call center in the USA I don't trust outsource.

So I called back and to make my payment and well she was very rude..When Ya I told her Yes, payment is late!!! I worked @ a call center and it was super bad, but I was a nice person even when I got called names and ya it was the companies fault....One more time no more calls on Sunday and yes I will be late on my payments..Have to feed my child and pay heat so u will wait..we have no insurancce any more this card did and will help us until I get a job and pay another bills to get my own insurance--it's all a scam;( :x


Biggest scam ever. You set up auto payments, so you pay on time.

Never got a letter of the promotion time running out, just slap you with interest!! Never use this company.

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