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I've been fighting them for over a year about "overdue payments" I took their service for a doctor bill when I knew I'd get the insurance payment within the six months that they offered a 0% interest.

I agreed to it because they said it would be $45 a month for the first 6 months and no interest as long as I made regular payments. No problem, except that the first bill I got was for $53 and when I called them about it they said I had missed a payment so I lost the interest-free promotional deal.

I was confused and told them this was the first bill, so how could I have missed one, and they said they'd look into it. The next bill was $65 with added fees and interest.

The people I was talking to were from a telephone call center, not actually employees of the GE company, so they couldn't really say or do anything that wasn't on their scripts. They started calling me three times a day--literally!--and I asked to talk to supervisors, who just said the same things over and over, I missed a payment.

The appointment was in April, the first bill came in May, and I paid the rest of the total of $2000 in July, plus the earlier amounts paid of $53 and $65 because they said I should make a good faith payment to keep things open while they "investigated" the situation.

Now, a year later they claim I owe them a little over $500 of late fees, interest and other charges. They call regularly, and I always tell whoever is calling the entire story ending with, I don't owe this money and I'm not paying, because it doesn't matter what I say.

It's become a *** game. Every few calls they offer to put the account into "dispute" so they won't call for 2 weeks then they send me a letter saying I lost the dispute and start calling all over again. I've probably spoken to over three hundred different people who all read the same script to me and try to convince me I'm a bad person for not paying "my debt".

In addition to all this, my doctor wants contact info to complain to them because he got charged extra fees as well!!

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I'm having similar issues with care credit. I was supposed to have 24 months no interest but they only gave me 6 months.

Now they want to charge 27% interest. That's f@@in insane. I would NEVER have taken the loan if I had known that. The call center reps (from India) tell you its the doctors office, the doctors office tell me its their contract with care credit.

They are all ***. Its a joke, blame the other.

DO NOT take a care credit loan. It will come back to *** you.



I joined CareCredit with the co-signing of my grandma so I could get a much needed rootcanal. I then used my line of credit for other needed dental care. Total, I used about $1100...which is not all that much in dental work.

Somehow, someway, my balance worked it's way up to over TWO GRAND. They kept calling me saying I never made my payment. Eventually my grandma started getting calls from the same man every night stating that I didn't pay them.

That TWO GRAND was fees and interest. It never mattered how much I paid, the balance kept growing. My grandma and I both started making payments in the same month and she finally had to pay the card off with another major credit card when the balance reached 3.5 GRAND...in fees and interest for "late payments".

Tell me, how do you get charged late fees when you have two payments going in a month for OVER the minimum due? Then we'd get penalized with an increased interest rate.

At the same time she cosigned on mine, my grandma had also cosigned on my uncle's CareCredit account. SAME THING HAPPENED. The balance continued to GROW with no additional charges...just payments going onto the account.

The other, very, INFURIATING thing, was that everytime I called, I got a different story, from a different person, that spoke in very confusing lingo...I would get so pissed I'd hang up.

I'll be honest, I was late on one or two payments by a couple days because I didn't calculate enough time for the postal service to deliver...my fault...but after I seen how much they punished me for that, I made SURE it didn't happen again.

Ulitmately, They Won. They got nearly four grand from us when we only used eleven hundred. Not to mention, my grandmother's perfect credit history was marked several times by them and resulted in denied loans for her self employed business which REALLY put them in a HUGE bind. My credit report was just slashed up and pissed on by them.

I'm still working to pay my dear grandmother back.


I've been in the same boat as most of you.

But here's one I haven't seen from others, so BEWARE... I used all my savings to pay off this account so I would stop getting harassing phonecalls and be rid of them once and for all. Honestly, seeing that "Care Credit" envelope in my mailbox gave me a sick feeling (as I'm sure the rest of you have felt). I PAID THE ENTIRE BALANCE AND WAS TOLD I WOULD NEVER HEAR FROM THEM AGAIN, MY ACCOUNT WAS CLOSED, IT WAS FINALLY OVER!! So I THOUGHT! A month later, I just got a bill in the mail - late fees and interest. Really?? NOW IT'S WAR!!!

Care Credit is a fraudulant company. They change rates constantly. They promise you payment amounts that they DO NOT keep. Please stay away from them - check all of your other options!!


worst friggin company my wife was late on a payment and they were calling the house every hour starting at 8am sharp till about 8pm telling us to press any key to continue then nothing tried calling to tell them to stop calling once was good, just a voice recording got website for phone# none wqent to contact us more runaround am almost ready to drive to thier office to see if anybody even exisits


I opened this card at the request of my dentist staff b/c of the dentist retiring in the upcoming year. Big Mistake!

Care Credit told me my dentist would have payment terms to include interest fees. Only problem, when they submit a charge they don't know the promotional fees and no one from Care Credit will discuss it with me. They tell me to go back to my dentist.

I have 'changed' options twice now and Care Credit is "charging" my dentist $250 for making the change?? The statements are confusing and I would not recommend this company to anyone.


I'm SO grateful for everyone's candor regarding this company! You all have made what I thought was a tough decision EASY.

X-nay on Care Credit! We'll be taking out our $10,000 loan (dentist)through our bank instead!


I took out a 20,000 loan from care credit for dental work and was told my payments would be 320 a month for 60 months, which I could handle, but instead my payments are 468 a month and I get charged an extra 250 every month for interest. I tried working with my dentist and with care credit and they just confuse me. I don't recommend anyone use them for anything because they rip you off!


Don't use them, I'm in MYrtle Beach SC a and had some cosmetic surgery done and was suppose to have no interest..lie I got a bill 9 days after the app was approved for the first 137.00 but hadt even had the surgery yet nor the DR had not yet gotten any money from care credit for the first half of the surgery fee so this was so odd at first then it went down hill at that point DONT use them..


Keep all your documentation. Make copies and take them personally to the Attorney General of your State. If delivering your organized documents personally is not possible then mail copies to the Attorney General. Ask for a response concerning your complaint and follow up with telephone calls.

A big chunk of some state revenue comes from incorporation fees. Corporations file in certain states that obscure a corporation's identity and liability. Before you deal with a corporation, you can check which state's incorporation laws it has to comply with.

North Dakota has a reputation for abuse of consumers because their usery laws are favorable to the credit card providers. Nevada has a reputation for filing corporations which end up committing pump & dump schemes and private investor fraud.

You can choose the companies you do not want to do business with by weeding out companies who are incorporated in bad consumer states.

Corporations all have lawyers creating the legalese that prey on the consumer and they know that a lawsuit is outside your budget. They Got'cha.

Corporations won't stop this abuse until the American Public changes corporate governance by demanding that corporations serve us rather than using legalese to abuse us.


I'm so sorry to hear about all the *** this company has put all of you through..and I thank you ..because I was thinking about going to them for our possible vet care ~ our cat is sick..not sure what's wrong yet..but as so many of you know..the vet bill can be outrageous..now I know better then to use this awful company ~

ty again



why isnt these people go to trail for whst there doing to us i was told payment would be 23 im on ss and cat afford more then got bill was told i had to pay 110. to keep with good standards now i get a statment saying i am over and need alot more money this is *** to me lets all get togather and sue the *** out these people . we are told one thing and they do the oppacite not good


this company is the most outrageously fraudulet company I have ever done business with, I cannot figure out any of their fees, interest or rules, they change to suit themselves at any given time and never keep their promo promises....if you can do without their help you are far better off....don't be another casuality.


I have already been subjected to the same kind of service, I have made 5 consectutive payments and have been charged interest and late fees on each one, this will stop alot earlier for me cause if it does not stop asap I will never pay them another penny, I will file bankrupcy on them. this is not a promise its a fact :(


I had opened an account with them in 2000 but never used the card and I never cancelled the card of myself. I guess they closed it for inactivity, but its on my credit report in the negative, I am disputing it.


When our dog was hit by a car, Care Credit advanced $2700 for partial payment (no interest for a year, no questions asked). We got a call after one month, about non-payment of principal, so we made monthly payments for one year.

We refinanced the balance at 6 percent, when we received a notice of 60 percent interest from Care Credit. We do not recommend Care Credit nor GE Money Bank.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was referred to Care credit by my Vetenarian, my pet needs surgery and I would have to wait to get the fee up front. I believe in paying all my bills in cash, and thanks to you all, I will remain doing so.


My husband had $9,969.00 worth of dental work done. Because of the "no interest if paid w/in 12 months" deal, we paid $1,000 each month for 9 months, & the 10th month we paid $500.

Because the online payment from our bank arrived one day late to them, we had to pay $39.99 late fee. Okay, we understood that. The payoff amount was then $509.23, which was 24 cents more than what it should have been, but we paid it to get it over with. Today we received a bill from CareCredit for $41.82, which was supposed to be interest???

THE ACCOUNT WAS PAID OFF! I called & talked to someone who could barely speak English. His first sentence, I had to tell him, "I didn't understand one word you just said." He didn't seem pleased. He insisted we owed interest.

I told him I had paid the account off in 11 months, so there should be no interest. He said I owed $41.82. I told him I didn't. I told him my bank records showed I had paid $10,0009.23.

My CareCredit online account also showed the same amount. He said something about waiving something that I didn't understand, and then suggested I pay $20.00 to settle the account. I told him I wasn't paying anything, because I didn't owe anything. He finally gave up and said, "You are right, throw the bill away and forget about it." I hope this is the end of it, but after reading some of the other posts, I'm not betting any money on it.

If you have a choice, don't use CareCredit. If you have to use them, be SURE to keep copies of your cancelled checks or whatever, to prove you paid. Also, register with them online and check to make sure your payment is credited to your account. An ounce of prevention .


. .


Thank you. I was about to open an account with CareCredit and you saved me a big headache.


i dont have any problem with this company,,.Its always better to have our facts rite..n dont leave to nyone


This company needs to be audited by the government. They keep overcharging me also. I can't keep up with their fees and am falling behind quickly.

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