Nasty call center represntatives. I wonder how they managed to hire such nasty ***.

They kept billing me for f...ing late fees, despite my payemnts being larger than the min. requirement. The resps on the phone are both rude and arogant. The worst customer service ever.

I totaly hated this darn company. I am going to complain them to better business buro. I do not understand how they are allowed to decieve their customers so obliviously.

This company should be out of business.

I googles it and encountred gazillion complaints about it.

Ahh, I am so pissed after having talked to 3 nasty *** and hving gone nowhere w/ those racist Texans.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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from the tone of your post, I'll bet you weren't exactly nice to anyone you talked to on the phone there.


Can some one send me the info on the Wilshire class action suit, I'd love to join. They are screwing over as we speak.


Stinson Beach, California, United States #23913
By one word horrible
wilshare is the one of the most rip of companies that ruins everybodys credit, When I'v got the wilshare as a lending company I didn't know who they are what kind of bank are they
They are just a tird party collection agencies who has no customer service what so ever no loan officer basicly nothing besides collecting money
Thais company is sucks :eek

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