Levittown, New York

Have been paying ahead for months on GE Capital CreditCare. If you pay ahead and not within "billing cycle" They don't count it as your monthly payment. Then to make matters worse, if your next payment was "supposedly" 2 days late, because you paid on the 1st not the 5th. They charge you a late fee.


Payment due 28th of month. You pay on 1st of month with all other bills.

your payment doesn't count for the 30th payment. I goes to principle as extra payment. So, you think you paid until you receive a late fee.

Why?? because your billing cycle starts on the 5th

I would rather put a charge on my AMEX then use them again.


GE Capital is horrible, had same experience with them holding an Amazon CC

Stay away fro anything GE Capital. Just my experience and option

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