Rochester, New York
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I was loaned 2,000.00 dollars 6/23/10 for dental work. I had the good fortune of an inheritance, so I could pay the balance before the "promotional" period ended, my balance was 1,302.00.

upon contacting them I was informed that I owed them 1,900.00! I couldn't understand the language of the person I was speaking with so I asked if there was someone else to talk to. The account manager came on and explained that, yes I did owe 1,900. She told me the extra 600.00 was for "account protection" which was 1.50 a day and various other account charges????

WTF? If I pay the 1.300 by my promotional date I will only owe them 600. more, if I choose to just keep paying my monthly payment, they will tack another 400. for interest, and I will be charged interest on the interest, that I wasn't supposed to be charged in the first place!

They pretend that if you pay them off within a year there will be no interest, what they forget to say, or is in fine print, is that you are going to get screwed royally. Unless you like liars and thieves DO NOT use care credit!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

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