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BEWARE of CARE CREDIT. Run the other way as fast as you can.

I did not run because I failed to take the time to review the company and went by my Dentist's recommendation. The company cares, but only about money, THEIR money. YOU don't count. After a promise of a low APR (11 per cent) on a loan of $13,000 over five years, they jacked the APR to a whopping 27 per cent.

I paid $4,500 the first year and the current balance is STILL $11,800. You crunch the numbers. The monthly finance charge, JUST THE FINANCE CHARGE is almost $300 ($283) per month. Spread the word and play a role in exposing, warning and stopping other innocent people from being mauled and financially raped by this company of extremely unscrupulous and criminal individuals.

I have no idea how they sleep at night.

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Im so sorry! Crooks...

Thank you; Thank you all! for exposing this scam.


I think Care Credit is great. They provide me with a way to afford medical, dental and vision work with no interest.

I always make my payment on time and have never had to pay a cent for interest. All you people that are complaining, either aren't making your payments on time or didn't pay the bill off before the deadline. If you read the fine print, you would see that not doing one of these two things is the only way they can raise your interest.

Get a life, start being responsible with your money, and stop blaming everyone else for your problems. That is the problem with America is no one wants to take responsibility for their actions.


"it's Obamas fault" that YOU couldn't make YOUR payment and the intrest rate went up?

Get a grip people.


My wife and I both had dental work done last year and have 2 Care Credit accounts. We saw that on my account, I needed to pay off a certain amount by July 7th, 2010 to avoid penalty and accrued interest. We specifically modified our monthly budget and paid a large lump sum on that account so that we would have that amount completely paid off before the deadline.

Yesterday, June 12, 2010, we looked at the account in question and saw that there is still over $500 left on the amount that we need to pay off by July 7th! What the heck?!? The only thing I can think of is that they must have applied all our extra payments toward the next tier of the outstanding balance and NOT the amount we need to pay off by July 7th.

This is nothing short of predatory lending. And to BMS and Chris who say that if you pay on time nothing bad will happen, you people don't have a clue. There are plenty of folks out there who pay their bills on time and who fall victim to shady practices in the credit card and lending industry.

We started using budgeting and debt principles expounded by Dave Ramsey after we had gotten the Care Credit accounts, and we look forward to the day when we can bury these Care Credit accounts (and other debt) once and for all.


Fortunately they also offer Chase? Are you kidding me?

Have you ever dealt with Chase Bank? You should Google complaints for that company and their dental financing and you'll find ten times the amount you would for Care Credit.

I have Care Credit. It works like a charm. Pay on time, and never pay interest.

It's the most valuable card in my wallet - without fail.

If you are a bad manager of your own finances, and fall behind in payments, yes, you will no longer be eligible for interest free. But if you manage your bills properly, Care Credit is the ONLY way to go when it comes to dental bills - and my vet too in fact.


I currently have a Care Credit account and on my last bill noticed the Annual Percentage Rate at 51.475% . The finance charge alone was 201.22 . I did not pay my last bill because I wanted to investigate the company, now I have a new bill with a minimum payment of 609.00 I need help, what can I do????


this company rips people off. They recently jacked my rate up to 29% and I have never missed a payment.

I called the represenative told me this was not personal towards me but a company wide decision on all of their accounts. Basically this is due to Obama and his new credit card legislation which gave these loan sharks ways to increase the rates of customers who did pay on time every month, we have to pay for the customers who didn't.

I am planning on paying this off just as soon as I can, it is just going to take awhile. I wish I could do it today!


OK, now lets get the other side of the story. How many times were you late in the first year?

After so many late payments,they can increase the interest rate. Its called: "Default Rate"... sounds like to me that you are not a responsible individual.

But its always someone else's fault.. right?


Make sure to tell your dentist.

I have never had a Care Credit acccount, but know my dentist offers it. So when I went in last week for a cleaning I told them all the horror stories I have read about it and cautioned them to inform their patients.

They told the accounting dept. Fortunately they also offer Chase.

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