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I was told by a friend if we didn't pay off our account before the promotional date the interests went sky high... so I just checked them and in December it was 17 dollars, in Jan it was 134, in feb it's 90 dollars!!

we have to use all our savings to pay this *** card off and get rid of it!! We have a car credit card also but we paid that off before the date so didn't know this was going to happen.

I read about a law suit they had in 2013 to pay people who were ripped off. Why are they still allowed to do this?

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

CareCredit Pros: That i could get services paid for so they would go ahead.

CareCredit Cons: I didnt know finance piled on if not paid by a certain date.

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The terms of such an interest free promotion very clearly spell out the payments need to be made on time, otherwise all the interest becomes due. By YOUR OWN ADMISSION, you failed to do that!

Who's fault was that?

Very, very obviously YOU caused that! Talk about sorry, whining deadbeats!


I understood you.

Am going pay for my classes, but if you forgot ,just one day, you will be ready to suffer extra charges.

at my first time $25. at my 2nd. time, $50.00

I don't know what happened, but known it is illegal


It is NOT illegal. Does it prey on the financially ignorant?

Absolutely. Lesson learned.

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