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GEMoneybank CareCredit have charged me a late fee even though I pay every month, on nearly the exact same day, every month for the last 8 months. I haven't missed a payment and they've never cared before what day I paid, but now, maybe because I'm about to pay off the entire balance within the promotional time period, so that I won't have owed them any interest, I guess they're trying to get any extra money they can out of me.

What's worse, they don't offer any online service, so I can't deal with this today, as it's the weekend. Who doesn't offer online service in this age???

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Quit sending me email ads every day when I keep unsubscribing!


Dec 5th I received my estatement from carecredit. I paid the bill the same day with the statement showing a due date of Dec 28.

Today I received a call that my account was overdue. Called Customer Service (its in India) first male was helpful until I asked why my account was showing that I was late for my payment, then he became defensive. Next one was very short but still did not answer if this was going to show on my credit report when it was an error. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was asked repeatedly WHY WHY WHY.

Last man told me that he would take the late fees off as a courtesy but next time wait to pay the bill until it was sent to me????? uh....WHAT?!? He told me to look at the agreement I had with GE where it would tell me not to pay the bill on day it was received.

I think this is a "buyer beware" instances. Sure wish I had known about this site BEFORE I opened this account.


I have a gemoney account and they have on-line serive


I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your account. We'd like to help. Please email me at with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account

- Mailing address associated with the account

- Your contact phone number

- Reference code DM 112911_pcNoUserName

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



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