Scranton, Pennsylvania
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told by dentist if i ***'t to pay my bill on time i would not be chg, interest, opened my bill today,I was chg. 1145.00 in interest cause my bill extended over two yrs.

I was never told I had a time limit just a clause that said pay on time ea.

month-who do i file a complaint to? This company needs to be stopped I refuse to pay this bill I owe 700 they are saying 1900.00, are they crazy - e mail me at have read about my people feeling the same way, I think we need to get together and stop this company once and for all, I pay my bills on time to be tried like this is not exceptable

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Poquoson, Virginia, United States #600866

I agree with LadyScot. You have no idea what you are talking about.

It sounds like you did not read any portion of your contract. Not paying results in more fines which isn't very smart. They offer different amounts of time based upon the amount of money spent. A copy is handed to you at the doctors office at the time of service.

Hard to believe you had no idea of this. I have the card and its wonderful.

Naples, Florida, United States #600440

HOW would your doctor, who does not work for the CC finance company know how their credit works?? Did you READ your credit agreement? You signed it. Most all interest free when paid by loans have the interest billed upfront. When you pay it off in the allotted time, the interest is then either taken from the final payment, or refunded in full. Again, READ the credit agreement.

Would you ask your mechanic how your doctor does brain surgery??

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