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Tried to update my account info [specifically my email address] on Had my username but not my password.

Clicked "forgot password" - received message: "check your email for a reset link". Ummmm? Wait? What?

You have the wrong email address on file for me. I can no longer access THAT email address! Called GE Capital's [soon be some other bank] customer service #866.893.7864 to update my account. After going through a VERY FRUSTRATING automated phone system, I finally got through to a live rep.

She informed me I was now locked out of their site for 2 hours. Me: "Ummmm? Wait? What?

I'm locked out for 2 hours?

Can you please help me update my email address so I can reset my password?" Rep: "No, only cardholders can update their accounts" Me: "Ummmm...I AM THE CARDHOLDER!" Rep: "In 2 hours go to the "login section" on our website to update your account." Me: "Ummm....AGAIN, I AM UNABLE TO LOGIN TO YOUR WEBSITE AS I DON'T RECALL MY PASSWORD. WHEN YOUR SYSTEM EMAILS ME A RESET LINK, IT GOES TO AN EMAIL ADDRESS I CAN NO LONGER ACCESS!"

I'm trying to update my account preferences to receive electronic bills in lieu of paper.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Customer Care.

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