Fort Myers, Florida

I sent a check for $1,793.75.+ on 1/3/13. Care credit credited my account with$900 + and said I had a balance due of over $800.

When I called Cust Serv -- they gave me run around and said my check was received in the amt of $900+ and the rep read off the figures -- different bank, different acct #, different signature. I told them that my check received by them had cleared my bank and they told me that i had to get a copy of the check (front & back) and fax it to them in order for them to research. I am elderly -- no fax - no car to drive me to bank - no HELP at all from Care Credit. What happened to my check -- by the way - they converted the payment to ACH (whatever that means) and I cannot get a copy of the check.

Then they said I could send them a copy of my bank statement -- are you kidding?

I would not release my bank statement to these people. Very disappointed in their customer service -- How can I settle this????

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I would take it into the bank and have them help you with it


I'm sorry I am failing to understand how being old has anything to do with not having a car or fax???? Not everyone has either.

This was a simple check mix up. The company couldn't possibly get your bank information. YOU had to. You are obviously doing ok with access to a computer to complain.

You could have logged into your bank account and emailed the copy of the payment to care credit without leaving your home. Think before complaining.


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OMG! I almost fell for this card!

I had to rescue 2 pregnant small dogs last night and one died on the operating table and the other is touch and go and I am watching her to see if she can deliver the pups safely. I will be on watch arund the clock for the next few days. Bad odor emiting from the mama dog. Guess I will just put it on my credit card and it isn't even my dog!

Man, I HATE it when *** people let huge dogs mate with cost her her life at the age on 1 year old. I am a bleeding heart for dogs so I think i just racked up a thousand dollar vet bill for 2 dogs and one already died.


I have this card and love it - as long as you make your payments on time and within the no-interest window, you won't be charged interest. If you still have a balance after the window ends, you will get socked with interest.

It's simple. Do what you've agreed to do, and there will be no penalties. This card has been a lifesaver for my pet and my teeth as well since I can use it for my dentist too. The very first month I had it, I did get charged a late fee because I lost the statement and couldn't remember when the payment was due.

I called them and explained and they removed the late fee without any problem. Credit card companies are not benevolent.

They are in business to make money. But if you follow the rules, you'll be just fine.

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