I applied for Care Credit to help pay some of the doctor and hospital fees for a surgery that my insurance would not cover December of 2012. I have not so good credit but was able to be approved by GE for this card. I understood going in that my interest rate was going to be higher as I have not so good credit but I needed this surgery.

My experience has been good. I pay my bills through auto draft and get a lower interest rate for doing so and it is helping raise my credit score. I have no complaints with this company. I get no calls because I pay my bill on time all of the time and I pay less interest not only because I auto pay but I pay 10 dollars more every month.

Most of the problems I see on this site are with the customer not with the company. Learning how to handle your money and credit is what most of these folks need to do. Taking control over their accounts and not just going along with what the person on the other end of the line says is important; follow up and not months later. It's your credit score not the companies; they don't care about you and never will. Take some personal responsibility.

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really well if the full amt is not paid in 18 mo they really let you have it

Corning, California, United States #725670

Thank you so much for being the voice of sanity. I have a hard time taking most of the complaints seriously because of the bad language and atrocious grammar of the person posting the complaint.

My mother-in-law has a Care Credit account. She, like you, had a lower credit score, but was still able to qualify. She is not computer literate, so she comes to my house once a month, BEFORE her due date and asks me to help her make her payment online. The only problem we ever had was when I failed to enter the log-in information correctly and the account was locked out for two hours.

That was my fault, not Care Credit's.

I noticed that the one time someone articulated what appeared to be a legitimate complaint, a representative of Care Credit responded by stating the company would be willing to review the case. I have to agree with you about taking action regarding their own credit scores.

I personally don't like the system we have, but unfortunately it is the one we are stuck with so we either learn to work within the system, or we don't use credit and pay cash. I think paying cash is better, but sometimes that is not an option.

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