Everett, Washington
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My name is Donna. I moved from my old place and my land load didn't send me any of my mail.

and I forgot about it until I wanted to buy a house and they pulled my credit , now I cant get a straight ans. from anybody, at care credit. when i called they told me that they sent me to Scott Lowery and i need to talk to them . i called and they wont return your calls.so i called care credit back and tried to tell them but they keep .

shinny me off. i would like to get this taken care of .and get it off my record.

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We'd like to connect and ensure we have your updated information as well as see how we can assist. Please email the below information to gecapitalcares@ge.com.

- Your full name and current mailing address

- The mailing address to which the statements are/were being mailed

- A contact phone number

- DM case number 111611_pcDlthomsen

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



GE Capital


And why should the landlord forward your mail? It's your responsibility to go to the post office or online and forward your own mail. Unbelievable lateness


How convenient that you forgot you had a bill. Really?!?!

Take responsibility for you lack of planning. Pay it and it will show paid off but remain on your credit for 7 years.

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