Saint Augustine, Florida

My surgeon recommended Care Credit so I thought I would check it out online. After reading the same thing over and over I would be afriad to use this company.

I have Great credit and can get zero interest or 2.99% interest for 12 months why would I use a rag bag organization like this. And it obviously is one or there wouldn't be so many negative complaints about them. One or two and you say well things happen but page after page you know this company must SUCK. Thanks for posting the warnings.

I know I have to pay to use someone else's money but not to a point of being scammed. So glad I checked it out.

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New York, New York, United States #748144

Was your post an actual complaint, or were you just attempting to pat yourself on the back for your "Great credit"?


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Columbia, Kentucky, United States #746264

Be very wary of using Care Credit. Go to this link for some info:

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