Dearborn Heights, Michigan
0 comments (Synchrony Bank) does not provide customer service to answer any questions UNTIL AFTER one applies for a credit card or agrees to their terms-and-conditions (which gives them the authority to sell your phone and contact information to other companies). I just wanted to ask some basic questions before making a decision whether or not applying with them made sense.

Do not trust a company that does all it can to shield itself from their customers! They have three phone numbers. One is for healthcare providers who want to go into partnership with CareCredit. One is for existing account holders.

One is for applying for a CareCredit account. If you want to ask questions beforehand, none of these numbers will let you reach a representative, because the recording will ask for your account number (which you won't have yet), or for you to approve their terms-and-conditions (which you won't want to because you first want to decide if they are legitimate before you allow them to use your personal contact information to sell to their business partners).

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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