I am VERY unhappy with this company. In my time of need a needed about $100 to get my pet to an emergency vet because he was have bloody diarrhea.

I am told about this great opportunity to use CareCredit to loan me the hundred I needed to pay this bill. I was also informed that I would pay NO interest for the first 6 months. I thought it was be a great option for me so I turned on my smartphone and applied right then and there. My vet bill was around $205, I paid a $100 of my own and then used CareCredit for the rest.

I didn't worry about the payment for a couple of months because I knew that getting the rest wouldn't be a problem at that point. Before my 6 months is up, after 4 months before it was up, I go to pay off the bill to find...I owe $205?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me? I notice that I am being charged with a $91 bill of being late...but I was told NO INTEREST!

So I call up the company and the lady who answers doesn't even care to ask what I need and starts to ramble on about how I need to pay in a monotone voice. I interrupt asking why my bill was the number that it was. She replies that it's because the "plan" I signed up for requires me to pay each month. Uhm, no, that was not stated to me when I did my application.

I tell the lady that and she pauses and just repeats that it is charged with each month. I tell her that I should have been told that in the beginning and hang up. I cannot believe the terrible service that I have had with this company! First, I'm lied to and my bill is jacked the the ORIGINAL cost of the vet bill, and then I have a lady with a bad attitude who didn't care to help me at all!

I would NEVER recommend this to ANYBODY!!

And I suggest that this company needs to fix it's *** before lying to anymore customers.

Also, my bill was suppose to be $106.42, I was charged with $91 of being late, and my final bill was $205?! Yeah, those numbers don't add up.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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With ANY credit card that you have, you must pay a minimum balance each month. Even if it is no interest.

The no interest part does not mean you can just skip payments! I have a Best Buy credit card with no interest for 18 months. I still pay each month.

I'm sorry, but this was your fault. Not CareCredit.


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