Stuart, Florida

May 15, 2015 I placed $2,000.00 on my Care Credit card. They have been pleasant to work with.

I have read the other reviews on here and have had the completely opposite experience with this company. My credit plan was 0% financing for 12 months (0% APR if paid off before the 12 months. After 12 months it would increase to 26%). I understood the loan that I had signed up.

The woman that helped me establish the account was wonderful over the phone. I applied a week ahead of when I had to pay at the office and was given a $4,500.00 balance. I then used the card and it went as smoothly as other credit cards. The charge was on the account within 24 hours and the next statement started in the beginning of June.

I could make a payment online, over the phone, or through the mail by sending in a check. I preferred to pay online and the statements showed up each month under the statement tab. I have only called twice and both times if I had any questions the automated system would ask me what I was calling about and then I would say my question and ask for a representative. It would roughly take top 5-10 minutes to get a person on the other line.

They would ask a few verifying questions and then I would be able to ask my question. I have also used the CHAT online and I find it easier to get to the point and answer. I will use this loan company in the future. I paid off the credit of $2000.00 in the beginning of August and have received a conformation letter.

I did request this through the online CHAT. I have not had a bad experience and if you might have issues with credit or a loan this might not be a great card. They give you a few choices for the loan, different APR's for the length of months, and the monthly balances change on length of credit. CareCredit was a great card to use because my regular credit company would have charged interest on the 2 months it took to pay off.

Thank you CareCredit for the great experience!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

CareCredit Pros: Online chat.

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