Saint Louis, Missouri

Was signed p for CareCredit at dentists office (shouldn't have) I could have just paid with credit card at lower interest. Receptionist signed me up for 10,000.00 and when I asked later what I was being charged for, she just said "just keep on paying the CareCredit bill" Now the office said that an itemization was being sent, however, I'm not sure if the proceedures are padded to come up to 10,000.00.

*** mistake, but had just left the dental chair, numb, and disoriented with no time to think clearly!

I've thought about getting second and third opinions of her charges. Talked with CareCredit today and she said that the dentist should reimburse me for monies not used, and as I do not plan to EVER go to this dentist again, the CareCredit person said that they would file a complaint, is this a scam?

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

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Care Credit has no idea what you have been charged for. This is between you and your dentist.

Ask him/her for detailed invoice, they must provide one on your request. I am sorry you might have been ripped off (we all know some dishonest dentists do that), but this is not Care Credit's fault.

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