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I called care Credit in Feb to change my payment due date from the 3rd to the 28th of each month and at the same time made a payment on Feb 1st. They said I was late for Feb payment which is now due on the 28th.

. . . I told them I made Feb payment on the 1st.

they said because I changed my due date from the 3rd to the 28th another payment was due on feb 28th. isnt that crazy. I changed my payment due date on my other credit cards with no problem. GE Capital began harrassing me with phone calls and has me late paying from that point.

I finally gave up and made two payments and asked that they stop harrassing me, and if they continued I would report them to the FTC. I have not been harrassed since.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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Agreed. They are a joke of a company.

Looking for others to join me in a suit.

Need people with financial loss though. Email your story to stuf@dr.com


I to lost money reference this card total of $700. When I originally set it up I specifically told them that the payment would have to be on the 1st of the month due to me being a retired soldier that is the time for which we get paid. It was okay for a spell then out of no where, my payment was also changed to the 28th with no notification so I continue to make my payment on the first and they were steady charging me a $35 late fee every month. When I called they told me my payment was received late every month. I stated that is hard to believe because my bank sends it out on the 25th to ensure it arrived on or before the 1st.

I noticed the payment was not being process until the 5th, and when I ask they stated once again my bank sent the payments late, to take it up with them. When i mentioned the fact that they had been charging me a late fee for 12 months straight she state don't you ever check you bill, you were the one who sign up for paperless statements, oh this really pissed me off with no end. I will be paying them off today and I hope that no one ever obtains their service again, I will not that is for sure.........

My best advice before you sign up for this card read all the reviews, I wish I had.


she has a point, don't you review your statement?? Did pointing out the obvious *** you off?

Babygirl sounds like your young let this be a life lesson...

@your lame

you are a ***!! You must work for these greed ***

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