San Francisco, California
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We found care credit thru Pets Unlimited! Their estimate was $3000.00 which we could not afford.

No worries says the vet. We have care credit available. We were immediately approved and the vet came back two hours later and told us our dog should be put down. After exhausting our credit limit we lost the dog and were stuck with a 3000.00 bill.

They do offer no interest terms if paid within 12 months. I feel pets unlimited and care credit are involved in a conspiracy to scam customers at their most vulnerable times.

Avoid any business affiliated with care credit

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Westwood, New Jersey, United States #920168

that sounds like a problem with pets unlimited. Care credit only charges what the store asks for.

You got ripped off by the pet place not care credit. call care credit and tell them about it

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #905969

Why should CareCredit be out $3,000? You signed the paperwork.

You agreed to the vets services. You owe CareCredit $3,000.

I'd pay it before the promotional finance period is up, or you'll owe wayyyy more than $3,000. Like $3,600 or more.

Round Rock, Texas, United States #851752

Your an ***. You can't expect a refund for services rendered because the outcome was unfortunate.

Care Credit and your vet are not to blame.

You are. Should have put the pet down.

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