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I went to a care credit dentist because I had a tooth ache and no dental insurance. The dentist referred me to a care credit specialist, an endodontist.

Care credit approved the root canal work. After the root canal was done the doc told me to go back to the dentist for the crown(cap) that protects the remaining tooth. I went to the dentist for the cap and care credit refused the addition to my account. I went to another dentist and was told there wasn't enough tooth left to cap.

I had several other opinions and all said the same thing. The tooth should have been removed which would have cost about 1500.00 less. I called GE/care credit they told me they do not stand behind their providers. If I have issue with provider contact him.

Care credit and their providers are scammers.

Avoid any business affiliated with care credit!! The don't care about anything but getting paid!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

Monetary Loss: $1985.

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The CFPB issued fines against these "Crooks" in the millions they "Illegally" obtained from the customer. You might want to find out if you were one of them.

EBAY, Pay Pal, GE Capital Retail Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Bank, GE Money Bank & Synchrony Bank are trying to get a law passed banning "Class Action Law Suits". If you want to find out just how many laws these "EVIL CROOKS" have broken just go on the web. Do not put a complaint in with the BBB they only give good reviews for the companies who pay them. The companies that don't well they get "F's".

The BBB is not a government agency.

You can see actual documents uploaded on these reviews on this site.

If I were you I would go back & look at all my statements. I can almost guarantee you have been screwed out of money "Illegally". You can put in these 488834, 483913, 483025, 481983, 479336, 478478 ,520251, 572301.

All of these posts have documents where you can see just how "Crooked" they are & how they obtain there "Billions". You can also go to You Tube & type in ge capital retail pay pal & watch a short clip that I made. I will be making more clips to. If you can't view it then go to images & type the same thing & it will take you to the You Tube site where the clip is.

It is better the view the clip on your phone there are less stops in the clip just look for the "Green Snakes" it is an appropriate piece of art that fits these "Crooks" to a "T"! They get there math skills from the seventh planet in our solar system from the sun.

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