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I initially thought the error was made by my dentist's office, but after reading so many other complaints about CareCredit I am not so sure… this is starting to look like standard operating procedure for CareCredit. I signed-up for a 24-month no interest offer from CareCredit via my dentist and began being charged 24.99% after only six-months.

I called CareCredit and the customer service rep told me to write a letter, which I did. My dentist officer called CareCredit provider services on my behalf and also wrote a letter asking CareCredit to correct the error (which my dentist office actually took the blame for). CareCredit opted to do nothing as it was beyond the "90-days that the provider had to correct the error." CareCredit also claims that they never received the letter from my dentist, nor received any call from my dentist's office… I have a copy of the letter my dentist submitted and happen to have been there when they made the call to CareCredit. Ask me who I believe.

If you choose to "take advantage" of a CareCredit promotional offer, make sure you call them very shortly after you sign-up to verify that you have been given the right promotional offer.

If you wait until you actually see interest charges on your account CareCredit is likely to tell you it is too late to correct the error. Deplorable customer service from CareCredit and highly questionable tactics…

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I've had the same problem with carecredit and the merchant that I made my purchases with every time I go in they offer different amounts for the no interest promo then later I find out the truth when I get my statement so far I owe $500 just in interest and have a balance of $2500 the dispute department (Amanda) was no help and everyone else I spoke with just seemed to be having a bad day I even offered to pay off my whole balance within this month if they could *** that interest because of all the confusion but they stay concrete with the only actual answer they have given me "unfortunately you will just have to pay that ma'am." I would think they would rather keep customers the screw them as it seems there are a lot of people having issues with them.


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