They do *** on promotions!

Suppose you owe 300 in 6 months and you have 500 in non-promotional charges. A minimum payment of 25.

You assume overpayments would go towards the promotional balance - BUT THEY DON'T - only the minimum 25 does. The rest goes towards the non-promotional balance!

It should be the other way around! You only have six months to pay the promotional balance and you have the rest of your life to pay off the other.

You have to call and tell them to apply the overpayment to the promotional balance. They lie and tell you that it saves you interest if they apply it to the revolving charges but it won't if you miss your deadline and all that other interest gets tacked on at a very high rate because you didn't pay off in time!

After 10 minutes of me expressing my disbelief that they do it this way and that it is extremely inconvenient to make me call (can't do it online) every month to tell them to apply my overpayment to the promotion they finally told me that the final 60 days before a promotion ends they apply 100% of the payment towards the promotional balance.

So if you don't pay close attention to your statement and don't realize that your overpayments are not going where they should be and you think it's all paid up and you only make your minimum monthly or slightly higher payment those last two months - you are screwed if it doesn't pay off the promotion.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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