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Synchrony bank whi which deals with QVC has ruined my credit 20 points and iPad paid that account in full and they kept telling me that I own interests a dollar here a dollar there at the end I didn’t know anything and they ruined my credit I am so irate that I am posting year because they do not deserve the right to do that for $1.90 even if it’s a dollar because I did not owe anything they do not look at what they’re doing I am so angry I will never deal with Qvc or synchrony bank again if you do not use credit cards issued by synchrony Bank they will call you and they will tell you that they’re taking it away because of nonuse if I don’t need to use the credit card I will not and you have no right to tell me that I have to do I am irate and I hate this bank and that’s a very strong word

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Credit Card.

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LOL...This company and every other credit card company have the right to tell you to use it or lose it. They showed you by cutting you off.

The funny thing is YOU agreed to it when you signed up. Credit card companies Are Not in the credit building business. They're into you using it and paying them interest. That's it.

They make money by you using it. If you don't they will cut/shut you down and move your limit to people who will make them money. If your credit is based on utilization games and losing this card ruined your credit, it was messed up, to begin with. BTW, if you think not paying that $1.90 is smart while whining about your credit, you have a screw loose.

P.S. You get the award for the longest, poorly written run-on sentence in the world.

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