Salt Lake City, Utah

Carecredit claims to be am American company. Then why does it outsource it work to migrant worker.

Their company make calls with these worker. You can't understand half of what they say. I ask if they were American citizen,they were not. I ask to speak to an American, they could not provide one.

They have raised my interest rates to 30 percent because I lost my job and got behind on my payments. They put me on a hardship program, only to find out that my smaller payments were all going to interest. This is not good business practice. Hire migrant workers for less pay and charge out of work Americans more interest to pocket more money for themselves.

What has the businesses of America come to. Cut throat, make a buck, at anyones expense? The more Non American worker that are hired each day put people like me out of work.

Then we get worked over by business like this. What are we to do?

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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I know of many people who are going through the same situation. There is a company that offers up to 60 months medical financing with a fixed interest rate.Here's the link:


i agree with your complaint about care credits business practices. they are not at all interested in helping people and have the worst customer service.

Having you debt to them go to collections would be a good idea because im sure most collections agencies will not charge you as much in fees and interest as care credit does. However with my experience with care credit they are more likely to just hold on to your debt rather than transfering it to a collections agency because they want more money. Like most major corporations and credit companies care credit is full of greedy people who could care less about the hardships that many americans are encountering. Even people who make more than the minimum due and make their payments on time are being screwed.

Care credit wants people to have a hard time paying their debt with them and for a lot of the people who arent having troubles paying what they owe, care credit finds a way to cheat them out of more money. And keep in mind that no matter who you speak with, none of their employees are going to help you. None of their supervisers are willing to do anything in their power to help get your debt paid. The only thing anyone can do is find a loop hole around their shady practices and somehow gather enough information about their legal rights to determine whether or not what they are doing to people is in fact legal.

I strongly believe that they are illegally cheating some people out of more money and nobody can do anything because most care credit card holders think that care credit has the legal right to do the things that they are doing. I will do anything and everything i can to get to the bottom of this companies shady business practices. Not just for myself and the *** they have pulled with me but also for the many americans out there who are also having problems with this company. Anyone who wants to help me get the justice we all deserve send me a message on my face book page.

My full name is rachel rabago. I need all the help i can get


...exactly! They don't deserve to have jobs.

Or at least that's what it sounds like you're saying.

Also, the favor to you is not putting the account in collections and ruining your credit score. The favor of a hardship program isn't to lower the amount you owe them It's common sense that it's just going to interest so stop complaining about everyone else not deserving jobs, and go get one.

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