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My husband and I are both disabled veterans, unfortunately we don't have continuing dental coverage without a major dental plan and the plans we could afford usually only cover cleanings and give a small discount on services (maybe). So we were told by the dentist office my husband had to see when he accidently hit himself in the mouth with a wrench (he is oh so graceful) that we could get this dental card called Care Credit to pay to have his teeth fixed.

Then we found out that my daughter who is 6 yrs old had to have some teeth pulled so we put that on the card to. We had to use two different dental offices as the first place only did cleanings for children, nothing else. So we paid at two different places with the care credit, the dental offices don't completely fill you in on the snafus of this card. With my husbands teeth repair it cost us $3500.00 so they told us we would get a lower interest rate plan and no time limit to pay it off due to the larger amount.

My daughters procedure, she had to have 5 teeth removed to make room for the new adult teeth coming in as her mouth is too small for all the teeth she was trying to grow in. Her procedure cost us $1270.00 and the xrays she had at the first office they charged us $219.00. So for a total of what we have left to pay now is $2800.00 as we have been paying on the first one for about a year now. Here's what they don't tell you, with that lower fixed interest rate which is not that low at 14.90% they also charge you a fixed payment amount which is $350 a month!

We have a $15,000.00 credit card that while it is not maxed now has been in the past and even at max the payment was $250.00 a month! This is outrageous and higher than a car payment for most of us. They also don't tell you that if you have any additional charges that are billed at a 6 month or 1 year no interest rate that if you already have the first type and are paying the $350.00 a month, they don't put anything you pay even if you pay extra toward the other two balances that are interest free for a small limited time! So those expiration dates approach and pass and they charge you 26.99% interest if those expire before you get the large major amount paid off!

This makes your payments go into the $500.00 dollar range!! When you try to call customer service and complain that you never signed a contract or never agreed to a set payment amount or could you split up the payment to at least send part of it to the other balances, or pay extra strictly to the balances that are approaching expiration, they tell you that they are sorry and wish they could help you but they can't do anything for you. They just keep saying I'm very sorry and I can't do anything to help you and when asked if there is anyone who can they say no sorry and that they understand how you feel but they are very sorry over and over and do nothing! Horrid customer service and that is if you can understand what the person on the other end of the line is even saying, the person I spoke with had such a strong foreign accent that I could hardly understand a word!

Avoid this card if there is ever the possibility of having to use the card for more than one thing at a time or more than one family member where you will be billed separate times DON'T USE THIS CARD as they do their best to rip you off of as much money as possible!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Carole F

I totally agree.... Aspen Dental didnt credit care credit for 2500.00 when we found out that my teeth didnt not have to be surgically removed something they said could happen and that they would credit our account if they were not surgically removed..

Turned out after 4 months of not thinking to ask.. just assuming they would let us know if there was a credit..( NOT) we had paid off the credit card 8500.00 before we found out that my teeth didnt have to be surgically removed..where was that money? we never knew about it and i bet if I hadnt asked we would of never heard we had a 2500 credit. I am furious about this..

interest could of been building on this money in an savings account.. we could of used it to buy a new furnace that we didnt get because we paid so much for my teeth..Corrupt company..

both Aspen Dental and Care credit.. and I am not 100% sure that All About Eyes isnt in this fraudulent business too


Sounds like your dentist is ripping you off too. 5 teeth?

From a 6 year old?

And you bought into that? Gullible on all counts.

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