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I have found the high interest and the interest accumulation hangs over me and is really stressful. I would not have used them,but, I have been dealing with very costly dental bills and my savings has been depleted, not to mention, my credit cards.

I did not realize companies could still charge such high interest anymore. CareCredit acts like a loan shark in the nearest strip mall. It is unfortunate there are no compliments in this list of comments. Such a litany of "you do me wrong".

Listen up CareCredit. Don't you think you need to listen and make some changes?

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I would had this card paid off this month. They moved my billing date up a week without my knowledge, so they could charge me interest.

Up to this point I had payed every month on time. When I called customer service I had my bill in front of me and also told them I had 2 payments of $25.00 on my statement instead of 1, and I had actually made 2 payments last month. I guess the thought of me paying off my bill without having to pay interest was too much for them, so they just changed my billing date so I would be late. I made my last payment and cancelled my card.

If they try to make me pay anything else I will start calling bbb and other agencys to report them. I am also going to call my vet and tell them I will be finding a new place to take my pets since they endorsed this card. My cousin is an executive with the State Board of Law so I will get some help from her.



This company is a scam! Beware of them!

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THEY ARE STILL IN BUSINESS AND NOT BEHIND BARS?? The interest rates make you bleed! Surprise hikes in payments!



I guess my bank would like to stick it to you like Care Credit can under the shield of helping the needy, until you will never see the end. I wonder if the President knows about them.


Maybe you should have read your terms more clearly. Ever time we have used Care Credit we have been aware of our terms and interest rate prior to agreeing to use the service.


I know of many people who are going through the same situation. There is a company that offers up to 60 months medical financing with a fixed interest rate.Here's the link: www.CheckFactor.com/netnurse.html

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