I don't agree with this practice. I was able to have a $12 bill from my dentist charged to CareCredit, and paid it off the next month.

However, at some places CareCredit requires that the place (example: Banfield Pet Hospital) not be able to accept CareCredit for a bill under $300.

That is rediculous, because at times the consumer/customer does not have any other way to pay.

Plus, if the interest rate for everybody is as high as I read here, it proves the company that runs CareCredit is money hungry and not concerned with the consumer/customer. So, I may avaod using this card if at all possible.

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #905972

CareCredit is a BUSINESS. They're in business to MAKE MONEY.

It's NOT CareCredit's responsibility to keep your bank account filled with money.

Always have a back-up credit card. You're RIDICULOUS.

Henderson, Nevada, United States #760672

Ummmm, no. Banfield Corporate offices made the choice to not accept CareCredit for charges under $300.

Get your facts straight. The practice decides what promotions they will offer.

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