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My son is having his wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow and most of the costs ARE covered by my dental insurance, but i was "thinking" of financing the remaining balance with my VISA card when the surgeon's office suggested this option. Thank goodness you all had posted your experience with this fraudulent, unscrupulous, and non compassionate group of people.

I will NOT be submitting my application to CARECREDIT because I do not want to become one more victim of some scam you've got going on here!

Even though I HATE charging on my VISA card, at least I know up front what I am getting. I hope you at CARECREDIT ARE reading these posts like I did!

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Irvine, California, United States #591669

Cammy, your name should be "Scammy" with a multitude of complaints, you post positive things? If you weren't a troll you wouldn't be on this site.

DUH! These loan sharks did what the others posted, 'late' fees, usurious interest rates, rude reps, not willing to work with you, etc.

Oh yeah, they just wiped out my savings acct.

a pox on you 'Scammy'


Cammy has to be trolling for GE CareCredit. Her explanations are toooooo scripted.


I have been using care credit for a year now and have not had one problem. They don't scam you, all bills are legit and based off of the amount you finance, although the interest rate is a little high. They helped me out when I didn't have another alternative and needed to take care of my teeth.

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