Little Rock, Arkansas

I'm paying my Care Credit payment and the payments had decreased during the last three or four months.

All of a sudden I get an e-mail statement showing that my monthly payment has increased considerably.

I'm catching heck trying to access the credit card site. I've had the same user ID and password for years and now either will work. What's really going on with this site and why isn't anything working anymore?

Frustrated customer. It use to be easy to access my account to increase my monthly payment or just review my balance, now it's a nightmare.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

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Your promotion is likely have expired. Or else, they have recently changed their minimum payment calculation which was clearly outlined in the statements.

In the latter case, I hope you are not just making minimum payments, are you?

If you do, you will soon have to face hefty interest... Check into this as well while you are at it.


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