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I called the company and was told if I closed my account I would not be charged deferred interest. I just received a bill and was charged $1600.00 for interest.

I called the company and was transferred to Amanda #7276 who was inappropriately rude and condescending and not helpful at all. By all the comments I have read, this all seems like a scam and illegal. Why would I close the account if there was no benefit. I was reassured on the phone when I closed the account and now AMANDA says it is my responsibility.

So, I wanted to the opportunity to pay it in full and she would not allow me to do so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

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I am on disability and got this for affordable dentures and got shoddy merchandise and both care credit and affordable dentures *** me over but I am on ssdi so they can't get *** out of me so *** those bastards. i tried to work with those scam artists.


The problem I see with this Care Credit, at the office you are told that you have 24 months to pay off at a certain payment but when you get the 1st bill, if you look it over carefully you really only have 18 months before they charge you interest & that is from day one. You cannot take their spoken word for anything!

Read the bill & adjust your payments to fit those 18 months or else pay more which is what I did & then you get it interest free. Otherwise it i almost 30%. I would have been better off with my own credit card if I had done that. Just pretend they are used card dealers & buyer beware & pay attention to the written bill you get.

AND DO NOT MAKE MINIMUM PAYMENTS. That's is one mistake.

The 1st is believing you really have 2 years to pay. You don't.


They need to be shut down!!


I have used Care Credit in the past and as long as you pay off your balance in the 18 month grace period you will not be charged any interest. With that said...

NEVER use any "xx Months Same as Cash" deals because if you do not pay the entire balance in the time allowed they will charge you interest on the whole amount from the beginning of the loan. While this is legal, it is not very ethical. They make their money on the 87% of people who do not pay off their balance in the time allowed.

I agree that they are parasites, but at the end of the day, YOU are responsible for understanding the terms of the loan.

Advice: Pay them off and cut up your card. That is exactly what I did and I will never use them again. It feels much better putting the money I was sending them into a savings account, in case I need to pay a medical bill.


I agree with you! It is a scam!

This exactly happened to me too! I called because they charged me for such a high interest rate of 29.99%! They told me it was on my bill but you could barely see it! It doesn't even say that it would charge me from the moment I had the account with them!

This company is a ripoff and a scam to take money from the helpless people! I tried to negotiate something with them but they were so rude!


Thank you for reaching out. I believe we were able to resolve your issue via another website;however, welcome the opportunity to speak with you again to answer any additional questions you may have.

Please email me at with any questions you may have.



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