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I brought my pure bred Border Collie to SAVES emergency hospital they told me it would be impossible to give us an exact amount of the total cost, but we needed to give them a deposit of $500.00. We did this with our Care Credit card,which we had opened through our regular Vet for just this reason...emergencies.

After many different reports of our dogs recovery, we asked if could move her from the emergency hospital to our local Vets office. Again we were given different stories depending on whom we were speaking with,also the cost kept going up, and from the information we were given the dog would be better off being,as the person speaking said "put down". When we inquired about picking up her remains to be brought home for burial, all of a sudden one of the nurses piped up saying she would take the dog and cover all expenses, which included Care Credit.

SAVES has been paid by care credit, they had care credit send me a bill for $500.00. I immediately called care credit to dispute the charge ,they told me they would stop all action and send me a dispute letter.

I got a second bill for $599.00 I again called to dispute the bill and again they said they would stop all action and send me a letter to dispute the charge.I'm still waiting. In the meanwhile GE Bank care credit parent company has canceled and closed my other GE accounts, that has always been paid.Citing my bad credit caused by care credit.

MY credit score has gone from mid 600's to 400. BEWARE or GE Bank and Care Credit

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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