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Medical emergencies bring out the best in some, the worst in others. Well, needless to say...CareCredit brings out the absolute worst!!! Simply and to the point, they take advantage of patients in a bad situation. CareCredit.com are vultures – and if you can avoid dealing with them, I advise making whatever effort is necessary to do so.

CareCredit.com has signed up medical providers – not just MDs, but dentists, therapists, and veterinarians. If you have a huge medical expense, and can't afford the entire amount, chances are your medical provider will probably mention CareCredit.com and their wonderful three- or six-month no interest plan. Well, I had an overwhelming amount in dental costs and my dentist suggested that I apply for care credit for part of the amount. When I called them, they were EXTREMELY pleasant! I was approved during that very phone call. I have excellent credit...but needless to say, that was NEVER even checked.

The concept sounds very much like an act of mercy, guaranteeing that people who are in desperate need of funds to pay for their medical procedures will get the help they need.

CareCredit.com is actually GE Capital (the same people who made your "˜fridge lend out lots and lots of money). They're not in it for altruism – they're in it to make money – and make money they do. HOW? BY LYING TO YOU!!!!

This is not a loan, it's a credit card – in a few days, a MasterCard appears in your mailbox. In theory, you can use this card to charge more medical expenses. What's different about this card is that, unlike all those offers you're getting in the mail every day, the interest is GETTING ADDED EVERY SINGLE DAY at the maximum amount allowable under the usury threshold of 24% APY.

That vaunted "interest-free" period is only "interest-free" if you pay off the entire bill within the no-interest period. Pay off all but A FEW BUCKS and you owe interest on the entire bill.


In my case, CareCredit.com never bothered to send me any form of information about the account AT ALL. Sure, they got the card to me, but nothing else. They're never sent me any information about the payment plans, and more to the point, they've never sent me a BILL!

I had less than $3,000 left to pay on the card prior to the "promotional period" ending. My dentist called up to add $9,000 to the card and asked if he did so, would they extend the promotional "interest free" rate for an additional 12 months. THEY GLADLY AGREED! Well, one day, I go online and notice that they are charging me interest. I called and not only was the customer service agent extremely rude, he proceeds to insult my intelligence insulted by stating that I should learn to read. (I'm sorry, last I checked I have my PHD! I am quite certain I KNOW HOW TO READ! This comment coming from a customer service rep who probably gets paid minimum wage at best.) Apparently, I was being charged "deferred interest" because, according to them, I never paid the prior balance off. First of all, I sent them a payment of $3,000 (which was OVER the amount I owed) and they applied that amount to the NEW BALANCE! WHY???? I HAVE NO IDEA! In addition, WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO READ??? NOTHING WAS EVER SENT TO ME BUT REGULAR STATEMENTS!!! So in essence, I KILLED MYSELF PAYING MORE THAN THE AMOUNT DUE EVERY MONTH...Just to get slammed anyway. THEY PROMISED MY DENTIST THAT THEY WOULD EXTEND THE PROMOTIONAL PERIOD IF HE ADDED MORE MONEY TO MY EXISTING ACCOUNT! Due to this, I am getting penalized for almost $3,000 in accrued interest. This is just ridiculous!

My Advice ...Avoid these people like the plague! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!!! Not to mention that their customer service representatives are incompetent (if not merely ***) and worse yet, LIARS!!!

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Monetary Loss: $3.

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Funny because I've never had an issue with my Care credit account and have been using it for over 10 years. It has come in handy so many times.


They do check credit bc someone I know wasnt approved they had no credit history i was approved and i have an ok credit history


Lol read the terms and conditions section next time


Ha you sound like a real idiot. You trying to ruining a company that is trying to help people. They help people not give out handouts


Other then finding places where it is accepted, I've never had any problems with the bill.


I have to disagree, I needed a tooth pulled because I split the tooth in half while eating a neckbone, it was a tiny bone but oh my lord it hurt really bad, pain would shoot down my mouth made me want to cry, i felt like i was dying a slow horrible death whenever I accidentaly bit down on it!! In my sleep if i move my mouth the wrong way, more pain, finally i was able to get some money to have it pulled.

Went to my dentist, a miracle worker I might add, and he pulled it and put in a bone graft until I was ready to have another tooth put in, the office manager suggested I apply for the Care Credit, which I did and was approved.I also had my Care Free Dental Discount card and it reduced my bill by half and then I'm able to make monthly payments of $30.I am soooo happy withCare Credit. I can also use it to buy my pets dog and cat food and take them to the vet.

And I can use it for chiropractic and dermatologic needs. I LOVE the Care Credit Card!


Sorry they lied to you I was just talking to someone about usury.


Oh hahah. Wait you mean it works like EVERY OTHER CC on the planet.... PhD, my ***


Lmao. You are truly an idiot.


Mr phd sounds like a personal problem to me


I love my care credit. I set it up when I got new glasses last year, to pay a minimal payment of $25 each week until paid off. Paid off with no interest paid at all.

Eugene, Oregon, United States #1338280

I'm sorry to hear of your experience. When I called about Care Credit, they were able to sign me up right away, my veterinary clinic accepted the card, and due to the amount I had to charge, gave me six months to pay with zero interest. I used it twice with very positive results.

Lancaster, California, United States #1324701

We have had care credit for several years and it has worked out great,from vets to dentists

We've almost always been able to pay off the balance

During the promotional period. If you use care credit the way it is set up to be used it shouldn't be an issue.time to pay without interest charges works for me !

Gibson, North Carolina, United States #1303750

I've had nothing but great experiences using my Care Credit Card. I usually use it for dental expenses only.

I am never charged any interest because I paid the balance off within 3 months. It has been my Saving Grace when I've been in pain with terrible toothaches.


i have CareCredit and have never had any issues - customer service has been great for me.


Care credit is good. I've never had a problem with them

Voorheesville, New York, United States #1253275

Thank you!

West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States #1245385

Don't pay that ***

F them


Care credit is no longer owned by GE, Synchrony Bank owns them and I got my card today. It is not a master card.

All the details were sent with the card. First of all, why did your dentist call to add more credit to the card, the last time I checked that was illegal, only the card holder can ask for an increase.

It was you that agreed to get the card in the first place. In my humble PHD opinion....Blame yourself for being took by the dentist…Then blame the Dentist.


Your an ***, it's not a scam. learn how to read and pay your balance off before the promotion period ends and you won't pay anything extra. Wow, i've used my card many times over five years for dental and eye glasses, I haven't paid a dime of interest.

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