I think its a crock a *** that I dont' make all that god *** much money and need assistant to help me with my *** dental work and these bastards won't even help me out *** ***. I know my credit ain't that bad Why is it people that try thier hardest to make a living and get screwed over and over and over don't get the help they need but the *** that are living off our state and don't care to work but are capleable of working get all this *** free all I want is to be able to get my *** teeth fixed

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I work for Family Services providing low income & no income families with Medicaid. Only children get the vision & dental care.

Adults do not get this coverage. Nothing is really "Free" not all medical services are covered. Not all or even half of those receiving benefits want to be in their position. Your statement is offensive.

By the way you *** for *** and *** but had no qualms about typing out ***. Interesting..... You have insurance don't you?????

laughing my *** off.... hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa


be glad. they would charge you an exorbitant amt of interest after 18 months unless you pay the full balance


My husband is on unemployment, and doesn't have a bank account, yet they approved him! So......

yea..... There's probably a reason you were denied.


There is a REASON you were denied. You either don't deserve credit OR there is something wrong on your credit report.

Order your free credit report and review it. I found out the hard way that errors do happen. An erroneous bankruptcy was listed on my husbands account. Found out when we tried to purchase a home.

Lost the house, took a while to get the credit report cleaned up. :upset


Sounds like you got what you deserve -- nothing.

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