Atlanta, Georgia
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I went on line to pay my bill, put in all the data, card number, address etc. It told me my information wasn't correct.

So I made a phone call - got an automated wizard who makes Hal in 2001 look tame. After 15 minutes (I am not kidding) I could finally pay my bill. Once paid, I tried the response Representative, she asked what I need assistance with, told her on line access. She then went through the key strokes to get on line - I did all that and it didn't work - so I resorted to yelling (at the computer)REPRESENTATIVE - she finally after 3 sessions - said she would put me through - I then got a recording saying the offices were closed.

These are the same people who were charging me the fee for the type of coverage to pay off my bill if I die (which I never agreed to). They must be used to that complaint, (it adds to your bill each month and you therefore will NEVER be out of debt) because without flinching - they agreed to refund 3 months of the $185 charge.

Now - this is the best part - even though I had paid - I wrote checks and paid for something I didn't request - the reallocation of my payment for those charges didn't count as a payment - so they said I was late. This is a HUGE rip off - these people are nuts!

Monetary Loss: $6600.

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