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I have had a CareCredit account thru Synchrony Bank for a few years. I never missed a payment and have paid off my account multiple times in the course is having the account.

The last time I carried a balance was $75 on a $1000 credit limit. I paid it in full in January of 2015. In August of 2015, my account was closed because they pulled a credit report - without my knowledge or authorization. Because of what they found (that I missed a couple of payments over the last month), they decided to close my account.

First, I had no balance. Second, I have not missed any of their payments and third, they ran an unauthorized credit report. I spoke to a supervisor whose name I took and her ID. She stated "they can do whatever they want whenever they want".

Really? By them closing my account, it harmed my overall score And I fully plan on taking this further with my state's AG and the FCC. Is this really a fair practice? I could understand it if I was not making payments and was carrying a balance but for an unauthorized credit check?

No way. And, I was not asking for more credit. I truly believe that this is the reason anyone with credit issues who are trying to rebuild will never be able to do so.

I am going to close all of my credit card accounts as I do not need them. of course I will absolutely pay off any balances but this is just not worth it!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

CareCredit Cons: Disreputable practices, Unauthorized credit report pull, Extremely poor.

  • Unfair Credit Report
  • Unauthorized Credit Report Pull
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Unfortunately, any company you are currently doing business with who has gotten your permission to run credit can and will continue to do so as long as you have credit with them. Most of the times they use this to increase your credit limit, but if you have a zero balance and your credit is horrible, then they will close your account to protect themselves.

It's most likely in their TOS.



Firstly, do not close all of your credit accounts! That's the WORST thing you can do to your credit besides NOT PAYING ON TIME OR NOT PAYING AT ALL!!

If you don't believe me, ask ANY credit counselor or money manager! I used to have terrible credit but not any more! I will tell you though, I make certain to NEVER BE LATE WITH ANY PAYMENTS!

If you want to have good credit that's imperative! Good luck!

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