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You people must be some of the worst in the world. I had an emergency medical situation and got care credit and was never told I would have to pay an insane interest rate after 18 months in which my payment just about doubled.

I called and begged and pleaded to get some financial help and was told that it needed to be months late and then it would go to the credit bureau . They harassed me every single day it was late and raised my payments to double what I was paying and continue to charge an outrageous interest. I spoke with a supervisor and manager there and they said they could not help me in any way. Some medical service you are!

I am so so glad you are getting sued for millions of dollars and my name better be in this lawsuit because I deserve a reimbursement or my payments to at least go back to the way they were. You are a horrible horrible company and have screwed over so many people I know who like me needed your *** service for medical issues.

My new dentist even told me not to bother using your card because they are honest and know you are a bogus company. I hope you pay more than millions and your company goes bankrupt so all these innocent people can get their credit fixed and stop losing so much money and god forbid their homes while you vacay on your yachts.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Same happened to me 4000 dollars my dentist told me to go with them that scratchy bank they deal with is just as bad


My son has a mental illness and is on disability. He is 38 years old.

Six years ago he had a dental emergency. He had infection, fever, was really sick. They suggested care credit , but said he needed a co-signer, which of course I did. He pays for insurance also.

I found out that six years later, the account is in good standing, however he still owes $5800 on a $6000 bill! How is this even possible ? Taking advantage of the disabled? Is there no limit on how much money these vultures can make off one debt ?

Try to get my name off, and lower interest rates, and they transfer you to a dial tone. They should all go to prison!


I tried paying online too! It wouldnt let me!

And the dr office i went to said the interest was 14% then i look at my bill its 29%!!!!! And i never filled out the forms r did paperwork! The nurse did!

And carecredit sent my bill to the wrong address three times so i have an extra 600$ to pay. Im not paying *** them


Pay it right away then Bc your interest will go thru the roof and when you can't afford to make a payment that's when Care Credir will refuse to help you out.


Sorry that some people don't like care credit but thank to care credit my daughter could get her teeth fixed and I could get my eye taking care of thanks care credit


When you sign a credit agreement, the terms are spelled out for you in the contract you sign. READ what you sign!


Clearly you have no idea that Care Credit has been screwing people over for years. How about you read up on that as they are in a major lawsuit!!!


It's true they are a fraudulent company. Every time I wanted to pay my bill online the website would say it was under construction and then I would be charged their late fee!!

@***ed Off Customer

I have an account with care credit and I absolutely live them. I have experienced no issues at all.

When I did not have the funds to pay for my dental appointments and treatment, I had them to rely on. I pay for what I use so I love care credit.

Thank u!


Negative it's clearly stated in the agreement. People need to learn how to read!!! If you can't pay it back then don't buy it plain and simple!

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