Livingston, New Jersey

I had LASIK surgery about 34 mos ago. I was told that i could finance thru Care Credit for 36 mos and pay no interest.

After the surgery I went online at GE money and set up auto payments to pay off my 3000 within 36 mos. I received a notice yesterday to log onto my account and update information. I was shocked to find that I still owe 2200. When I called care credit they told me that my financing was only for 24 mos and when the balance wasn't paid in full, I had to pay accrued interest from the date of financing at the usarious rate of 22% .

This is insane. I dont know how I was told 36 mos but somehow aplied for 24mos, but had I been notified that my loan was coming due at 24 mos., I certainly would have paid it off then. A year ago, I would have only owed 1000.

Now, after paying 3000 in payments to Care Credit, I still owe 2200. I am definately pissed and do not know what recourse I have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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Had problems with Care Credit years ago through out dentist office. Same thing.

So much for an "Interest Free" loan. We paid it off a soon as we could and closed that account. Everytime the dentist office told us we could finance a service, we told them no way ! !

Have told everyone we know to stay away from Care Credit.

That's how they make their money. No concern over the phone.

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