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I have been getting the run around from Care Credit since Sept 09 on a refund that was overpaid , at first the told me a couple of weeks now they are telling me there was a mix up . My Account was paid off in Nov 08 .

All they really need to do is give me what is due to me .

My dentist sent it to them when the refund should have gone directly to me since the card was closed . They should of given it to me a long time ago , I think they are the worst run company ever

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Houston, Texas, United States #700990

I am having the same problem right now as well!!! So frustrated, the account was paid in full yet my dentist sent refund amount for services charged and not preformed..

to Care credit, now care credit isn't refunding me, just wants to up my credit limit with the money they received that is due back to me since I was the one that paid for services unrendered... :(

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