Oceanside, California

I do not understand why all of you are crying you knew what the deal was when you signed up if you cant pay your bills on time blame yourself not the credit company care credit saved my dogs life because that was the only way i could pay the vet at the time and yes i paid on time and no problems no extra fees nothing is free but if you pay on time and get your bill paid off when you agreed to you will have no problems and if you don't you have no one to blame but yourself SO STOP CRYING YOU DID IT TO YOURSLEF

DEAL WITH IT''''''''''''''''

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Thank you Nikki1131. Your post is very inspiring.

You seem to understand people and are very compassionate to the pain of your fellow man. I want you on my team.


still waiting for $55 to be returned to my bank account since 2 payments were taken out in the same month! Got the run around every time I called-finally filed a BBB complaint!


Sorry maybe they just do not like You but I am informed all I know is that My experience with care credit has been fine so far but that could change as for Me knowing what I am talking about or (typing) Before I speak DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT ATTACK ME FOR YOUR BAD EXPERIENCE I HATE HONDAS BUT I DONT ATTACK YOU FOR RIDING ONE



You sound uninformed. I have a perfect payment history with them and a $0 balance and they still screwed me. Know what you're talking about before you speak (or type).

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