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I remember when GE manufactured goods for the American consumer, but now they are joining the rest of the greedy finance companies & ripping off the Americans who are at the bottom of everything and need medical, dental help. These people should be ashamed.

Yeah, well I had an account and paid it off, but now I am not working and have serious dental problems, but they would not give me another loan. Now I found out that certain charities will provide free dental care if a person is homeless.

Beware any business if foreigners run it because they are here just to make money off Americans. Thanks a lot big business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carecredit Account.

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I'm not sure that care credit is at fault for anything you've mentioned. You don't have any income, so how can you expect them to loan you money?

They'd want to know that you can pay it back before they give it to you.

I hope you were able to take advantage of that free dental services charity. It sucks to have bad teeth and no way to fix them.

@No Problems Here

You sound like a typical Republican and quick to judge and blame the victim. I bet you are a woman-hating military vet, so smug and know it ALL.


Your comment is not only off topic, it is in poor taste. Whining, pointing fingers and blaming political parties does not solve problems.

I didn't see any inflammatory words in No Problems Here's comment, nor did I see any indication of political party or military status, yet you chose to be a name caller. If you want to engage in Republican hating and name calling, there are plenty of big government, liberal websites available; you could find one by doing a google search.


Narrow minded ***! I HAVE income, but I have to sell drugs which I cant put on my f credit report.

Not only do I hate Republicans, but I dislike Christians who dont have a clue about the philosophy of Christ.

Just because you have served in the military by learning to KILL you are entitled to a pension; I, a female who only created life, does not get that type of money. What a ***!

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